It’s Time to Get Miraculous!

I remember being invited to be a guest on a radio show about a year ago. I showed up with a bunch of notes on white index cards on my subject and wore what I lovingly refer to as a douche bag shirt, a loud and complicated pink button-down with super fancy stitching intended to impress because of the balls it took to wear it. I planned to hit all of the important index card points about life and love. It never really took off. We talked about sports and the interview went all over the place — I take credit for that. When I finally had the opportunity to share what I came to say, I did it poorly. I tried to sum up the magic and importance of Kabbalah and the response I got was. “Oh, so you just do the opposite of what you think you should.”

It is Never about the Tasks when Learning Kabbalah

The problem was not that this brief summary was wrong, or ill-intentioned by my host. It was that his understanding may have even been useless to him or anyone else listening. I left him with the task and not the inspiration of why you do the task. All my great enthusiasm was left behind. In the video above, I explain, hopefully with loads of enthusiasm, why the task is not enough to make the transformations you want and the piece that is so often left out of what is needed to create change in your life — and more on


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