Passport? Check. Toiletries in clear three ounce bottles in a clear three ounce purse? Check. Cameras, video, chords, computer, pens, little notebook, book, sleep shades, energy bars, Dramamine, Pepto? Check.

I was in the middle of my final packing for Mexico last night when I received a curious email from Google. It was an update to let me know who was linking in to Travel. Write. Live. I clicked the link and found this.
A list of the “top movers” on in the travel world. Actually, TWL was actually the number one “mover.” Not sure how or why it happened but I thought, “Pretty cool.”

I clicked around a little and then saw a small banner that listed Travel. Write. Live as a top 100 site in Technorati. Even cooler. So I clicked the link and went to a different page. and saw that not only was Travel. Write. Live. in the top 100 travel sites on Technorati, it was in the top ten! I went from pretty cool to super cool.

I took a moment to try to contain myself. Excited does not always describe a feeling well. I realized that rankings like these go up, and then come down, and I know that at some point, and in my case, may come down sooner than I would hope. Still, for the moment, I can claim a “top ten” status in the vast sea of competing web sites. It is a nice pat on the back.

It was at this moment I realized how grateful I am for the readers I have and the folks who stop by and think about travel with me. So, thank you all for taking the time from your lives to ponder about travel, and a writers life with me. I am not as alone as I sometimes think. And while I know the fickle analytics that govern my site will waver, I will gladly take that pat on the back and find gratitude that the ride is not alone.

And now to finish packing for Mexico City.

P.S. Sorry for the likely spelling and grammar mistakes. It is really early here. –dg–

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