Having the Perfect Wedding Ceremony

A big humid hello from Bali! The internet is dubious here in Indonesia so I am sharing, to coincide with my and Morgana’s 17th wedding, my recent interview with Clint Hufft, the fantastic wedding officiant of Krista and Ryan fame. If you want to save yourself, or someone that you love, some future trouble when it comes to a wedding ceremony watch my interview with Clint.

And one of my best Kabbalah tips for making good choices ever now on this video.

Get you Wedding Ceremony Right!

Clint has been an officiant for over 20 years and my personal friend for almost as long. He is an expert in getting a wedding ceremony done right! Hear his advice and the questions to ask yourself or someone you love to create the perfect wedding day!

Get more mystical with Chokmah!

Upcoming is my mini Kabbalah/Qabalah lecture on the Tree of Life and how divine energy flows down to the highest form of giving as represented by Chokmah. What do wisdom, potential and giving have to do with each other? Look out for my next episode on Love and Relationship Savers and Honesty. You’re going to love it!

And more on http://devingalaudet.com.

What’s you burning question about having a better relationship?

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