Setting the Foundation!

Yesod is toward the bottom of the Tree of Life and point far from the divine/God/highest Self. It is also the first point away from the physical body (except on the Gra variation on the Tree of Life). So, not surprisingly, Yesod is frequently referred to as the Animal Consciousness — and it is aptly named. Think of Yesod as self-preservation that drives both ego and physicality. It’s heady information but fun.

Check out this week’s video about Yesod below.

The Yesod and the Moon

In esoteric philosophy, the Moon is typically connected to Yesod. One of the best illustrations of this is the that the phases of the Moon makes it appear that it changes nightly. I find Yesod to be about patterns and phases. Where we are as individuals. These patterns may change from day to day, as it does with the Moon, but they are predictable patterns. How do these patterns effect our relationships? Watch the above video to find out more.

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