When Love isn’t quite love!

We have now moved down the Tree to Netzach. The important things to understand are these: Netzach is the lowest form of giving. It resides in the lowest triangle on the Tree of Life, which deals with the more personal and ego-based parts of life. Netzach in Kabbalistic terms is the dominating parent, something I got from Rabbi David Cooper and opposite from Hod, the innocent child. Netzach in a Qabalistic sense deals with ideas of emotion and frequently love.

Personally, I see Netzach as both Kabbalistic and Qabalistic, as a culmination of love filled with fear. I will love you but really I want to know if you love me first.

Yes, this more fully explained on the video. Enjoy!

What does this have to do with my love life?

Watch your motivation to give to others. The benefits will come if your motivation is clean. If you are taking action without fear, or the desire to get something in return, you are being of service and this is a good thing. If not, understand it is more about the negotiation of a relationship where each person is looking to gain something. Finally, remember we are not perfect. You partner and you are likely to not be flawless. We are mired in the illusion of life and we are here to do the best we can. So have compassion for yourself and others as we attempt to be of love and service to those around us. If you have questions about love there is plenty more on http://devingalaudet.com.

What’s you burning question?

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