The Foundation: Yesod and Love!

Yesod is the ninth sphere and the last place before arriving at the physical world. It is also a long way from the top of the Tree of Life, the place of our highest ideas. Think of Yesod as our cat-like reflexes or the things that want to fuel our body. Food would be the physical and the Yesod of food might be hunger, a drive toward what is needed to make the body satiated.


And one of my best Kabbalah tips for making good choices ever now on this video.

We get on the Tree with Hod

I know. Yesod sounds interesting and all, but how does it impact our love lives? Being that Yesod is the last stop before our physical it is the first line toward the spiritual, or, as we have discussed previously, Yesod focuses on our reactions, the things we think will feed us. Yesod frequently gets in the way when we try to get closer to divinity, God or your highest nobility. To serve the physical world we eat when hungry — of course, this can be a problem when we choose something like food to cure a spiritual problem. To serve the spiritual, Yesod is way down the totem pole and much more likely to have us mired in our fears. Don’t listen.

It is Yesod where we can first stop, have our reaction and then say to ourselves, What do I really need? The most obvious case of this for singles is this, give the other person a chance. Don’t worry so much about dating rules or what you think your deserve. Explore the experience you have before you. The more instant your knee-jerk reaction is the more likely you should reconsider reaction and do something else.

Coming next week Malkuth and the physical world  — and there is lots more about the Tree of Life on

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