Our Baggage and History That Stops Love

There are two kinds of terrible personal baggage, the stuff makes it easy for us to not find or keep love. The first is the bad experience that takes up too much space. This may be just one bad boyfriend or girlfriend, though it can also be something much more traumatic. In either case the result may sound like “all men/women suck” or I do not deserve a great love in my life.

The second kind of bad baggage is the find memory of some long lost flame. In my case it was Elise Hughes from first grade. Honestly, I don’t remember her beyond a faded class photo and my burgeoning feeling about her. In this instance we make it impossible for someone to measure up to our past experience.

Our baggage and unfortunate history does not have to dictate our future love

For more extreme cases, I recommend finding a professional who deals with trauma. However, if you have decided you are ready to move on from limiting belief, take a small action now. Stop right now and make a list of how wonderful you are. Say them out loud. Know how worthy of love you are. As I was once told, our words ring in many worlds. Now is the time to set your intension for new love or repairing the current the relationship you are in. More in this week’s video. All this and more on http://devingalaudet.com.

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