5 Love and Relationship Killers

Sadly, I could have made a much longer list of action people take that make their relationships fail. Please understand that this list is presented not to make you feel bad about past actions within your relationships but if you want a better love life then you will need to identify the problems you can fix first. Remember this is just a summary and we will get into to details about each problem and how to fix it in the coming weeks.


There is a big difference between having vision in relationship goals and creating an impossible fantasy. Even under the best of circumstances, our partner is going to be human.


Most of us have baggage. However, if we are dragging it into our current and future relationships, we are setting love up to fail.

Mind Reading

We don’t automatically know what our partner is thinking. Guessing causes a downward spiral into paranoia, and it will spell death in love, if left unchecked.


Finger pointing takes away our power. We have a part to play in any failed relationship. When we can embrace our part and make changes for the better, we get to create much better relationships.


We may think we are justified in withholding love to protect ourselves, or letting the other person have it when we are hurt or right but don’t think this will bring us closer to the people we love.

Yes, each week I will go into more details that will make your love life shine! All this and more on http://devingalaudet.com.

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