How Not to Get a Divorce

So this week we started inviting visitors live to the Romantic Traveler! I think this will be a continuing process to create a love building, conscious community. So join us every week! And now to this week’s discussion.

Why do good relationships soul and turn into something we want to run from? Is it possible to keep the love alive? Divorce and break ups between people who loved each other once seems to be never ending. The good news is there are solutions.

Text Etiquette

Plus, this week’s question is “What is text etiquette when I first meet a man? I generally let him lead in terms of frequency and I hold back as much as possible so he has something to pursue. Then I also make sure I don’t drive the bus and I let him take the lead in terms of when we make our next date (even though my nature is to lead). I see my role as to just be flirty and complimentary, but for him to lead. Right? Wrong???” All this and more on the video on

What’s you burning question?

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