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The Tree of Life and the Mystical Solution to Modern Love

This is Devin the Romantic Traveler. With these paltry notes, the one note card I shook in front of the camera, I will talk about love and relationships. And this week we are going to talk about the Tree of Life in this week’s episode of the Romantic Traveler.

The Mystical Solution to Modern Love

First, to catch you up, I have launched my program, the Mystical Solution to Modern Love, which looks at different traditions and uses them to get much better experiences out of our love relationships using their spiritual solutions.

This Week’s Question about Love

Before we get into the heavy lifting and the Tree of Life, I thought we would get into this week’s question. Carrie writes, and I am paraphrasing this a little bit, “Why can’t I get a man to be honest? I am having serious trust issues. I have known my ex since we are kids and now I don’t know him anymore. Where do I find an honest available man?”

Carrie, I am really sorry that you are in pain and that you are having a hard time with this. I am having a couple of thoughts. First is, we grow and change. Sometimes when we change, we grow for the worse, and for the better. And sometimes when we are in fear, people tend to not want to tell the truth.

Being in Fear

I have heard it many times and I have said it many times, you cannot be in fear and in faith at the same time (Faith is a funny word with lots of different connotations. In this instance, I use faith as in trust. I trust that everything will work out okay, versus, I am in fear that things will not work out okay.). These are ideas that tend to not run together.

So if he started lying, he is likely dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety and doesn’t know how to share the truth. In his brain it makes more sense to avoid the truth, or to flat out lie about it. In either case it might be time or maybe you can get to the bottom of it.

Love and Understanding

Try to confront him with love and understanding. He is not telling the truth about something because he is in pain about something (fear has a way of doing that). That’s the best side of it.

The worst case scenario is you might be better off without him, but I would avoid jumping to any conclusions about him. Take your time. Breathe deeply and be loving to yourself.

Make Easy on Yourself

The other thing I was going to say was this, I don’t know how you are going to move forward but if you do part ways, you may want to shy away from the ideas that “men” are the bad guys. I get it, and I think it is very common for people to point to the opposite gender when they are hurt by someone. Whatever you husband’s name is, that’s the guy that has been not being honest. Even if you have a history of men you were in a relationship not telling you the truth – quite frankly, they were likely not ready for a real relationship.

Ultimately, you are making it more difficult for yourself. If you are looking for a good guy, who is honest, who going to treat you well and face life’s challenges together. By lumping him together with “all men” who have hurt you, instead of Steve or Larry or Sue – because it isn’t only men that have been accused of lying within relationships during the course of human history. So, you will make it easier on yourself by identifying the problem and placing it at its source, on the one person.

Again, he may he in a lot of fear and maybe just need some help. So, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Either way, I am wishing success moving forward, Carrie.

The New Program for Better Love and Relationships

Also, I am in the middle of a program launch, which I find cool, scary and terrifying. It’s called the Mystical Solution to Modern Love. I will put the link HERE so you can find out more.

It is a six-week course about love using mysticism to find a new way of looking at things, new angles. To get to what love and relationships are really all about and improve your love and romantic relationships. So CLICK HERE to see the video.

Watch the Video for the Tree of Life

Keep watching the Romantic Traveler video above. At 5:25 I will start teaching the basics on the Tree of Life. I will transcribe the rest of the video later this week.

Thanks for watching, and find LOVE everywhere!

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