It is 11PM. My belly is full, too full. I have had the hiccups for the last forty-five minutes. I am trying to write this short article and then I pass out. I would really like to pass out. Today has been a long travel day with a mission of discovering luxury in Orange County. I can report, I have found that luxury in the form of food, a ton of food. I am tired, dulled, and disjointed — my palette satisfied.

The following food shots are from today’s gullet stuffing and include lunch at the Waterfront Beach Resort by Hilton. A late linner/dunch at the Balboa Bay Club & Resort, featuring chef Josef Lageder’s authentic Austrian and Octoberfest inspired treats. And a fine dining dinner at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Nigel in Dana Point serving up some clever desserts with sour creme sorbet and ginger ice creme.

I still have another day that includes more food, but first my travel writing business plans for the week. I still have the hiccups. Look for more writing about OC luxury coming soon.


I have a taken a couple of weeks off from my ebook project to help writers get more from the industry they are writing about. Specifically, travel writing. Back to work. I am hoping to complete my first draft.


I have been playing catch up with submissions and not quite there. However, I have some help and many new stories in the queue. I think this might be the time to get all the reading out of the way. With reading out of the way, ITKT editors can start focusing on different projects like rewriting our submission guidelines and media kits. Both projects are long overdue.

Follow Ups

I have two phone calls scheduled this week to work more closely with two top national tourism boards this week. While I do hope to make a little more money, I genuinely do want to help promote these fabulous destinations. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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