There have been times when I wake up and wonder if I have been doing everything ass-backwards. Yesterday was one of those days. I finally realized that running multiple sites and freelancing for others makes for a lot of work. Fortunately, I have some help, but I realize that I will need more.

Still the week went well. I had written a letter to the highest contact I could find at my host company and my note made a difference. For the time being, my sites will stay where it is, but I have back up plans. My first Technorati article is live, but have also added it here on TWL. My next article on the Huffington Post is in the queue.

With Mexico’s bicentennial coming up in the near future, these photos from Chichen Itza are for the pics of the week.

And now for the coming week…


I have new articles into both Technorati and the Huffington Post. Now the project becomes managing writing and time. I am finding that writing away from home, in the library, is a perfect writer’s environment and I have seen some good productivity.


As I mentioned earlier, I need some help. I have outlined, or should I say streamlined, the way ITKT is going to do business in the future, now it is time to implement these ideas and speed up processes for writers and readers alike. I want to create a system to have writer submissions turned around within twenty-four hours and loosen some submission guidelines to allow for more content. Change is scary, but necessary.


Mexico City came through. So this means Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras in a two month span. While I have a smattering of Spanish, this is a good opportunity to take advance of several weeks of immersion. I have broken out Rosetta Stone and will be working nightly to see what I can learn in the next six weeks.

And how has your week been?

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