From My Last trip to Mexico, Mazatlan 2008

It has been two years since I last visited Mexico. In that time, Mexico has gone from being one of the most popular spots for vacations in the world to a destination that receives a lot of bad press. Sadly, dangerous cartels and a few bouts of weather has turned Mexico into a place that raises the eyebrow when mentioned as still one of the best vacation spots in the world. For the same reasons I do not fear gang violence while living in Los Angeles, I plan on visiting an incredible historic city. Mexico is still a great — at least I will find out as I travel to Mexico this week.


I am heading to Mexico City early on Wednesday morning for four days of international tourism promotion. While I have attended many tourism fair events, I am always excited to go for the best new information in travel and some of the best networking possible under one roof.


Since most of my week will be spent out of the country, I have a few days of intense updates, so I do not have to worry too much about working while on the road.


Another great opportunity is video. Beyond the interviews I will be conducting on both Spanish and English, there are likely going to be some excellent cultural performances happening during the show.

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