I have just returned from several days away in Mexico City. No, there was nothing to be worried about and the trip included strolls after dark around the historic Zócalo area in the heart of downtown. However, much of my time was spent in the financial district at FITA, the first ever International Tourism Fair of the Americas. More about the tourism fair during the week. And yes, I found Mexico safe.

Since I am running on fumes from a day of travel, let me get straight to the coming week in the life of this travel writer.


I have a small spiral-bound notepad filled with nine story ideas, and five that will likely find the light of day. This means lots of library and getting the right ideas down on paper.


Mexico City has some dynamic colonial architecture. I took about 450 shots during my visit. I will try to narrow it down to my favorite 30 or so for ITKT readers.


As I have discussed in previous writings, I am a fan of networking at conventions. This trip was no different. I have a huge pile of new contacts that include travel agents, tour operators, airlines, pr firms, tourism boards and other writers. I will write most of them individually. Yes, it will be a fair amount of work, but history has shown trying to develop contacts, within my industry, is invaluable.


readers know that I do not do many product reviews. However, I have found an interesting product I tested in Los Angeles, while I was away in Mexico City, the Ceiva.

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