Whether it be the speed bump riddled ride to Copan Ruinas, Honduras; the winding roads to Languin, Guatemala; or simply being trapped o a two-lane road for hours of stopped traffic due to chicken bus that got stuck in the mud — and the ride continues. So does travel and travel writing.

During the last 10 days, I have spent far more time on a bus that at an attraction, or even one city. So, while I am not always thrilled with the meandering roads in Central America, but I have learned that there are an endless amount of good photos and even mini relationships to be had just outside the van’s window. This above photo is only one of many examples I have seen over the last couple of weeks.

And now the coming week…


I return from Central America on Tuesday and have numerous stories that range from outline to final edit. With so many ideas about traveling Guatemala and Honduras fresh in my mind, I have had small epiphany about how much the Internet has changed the quality of my writing (and the writing of many others). This may maove my focus away from Central America slightly. However, I have some changes I will be implementing in the coming weeks dealing with the negative results from writing quickly to compete with “breaking news” on the Internet. Of course this is only a beginning of a larger focus at both TWL and ITKT. Don’t worry, I have plenty to share about Honduras and Guatemala.


Yes, email. I am about 1500 behind.

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