Where does the time go? It only seems like weeks since I was exploring volcanoes, admiring the art in the artist enclave of Ataco, chatting with politicians, learning the meregue in Nicaragua, and escaping death (briefly perceived) in Death by Sandanista during my last visit to CATM (or the Central American Travel Mart) in El Salvador. This year, it is held in Antigua, Guatemala. The event will be similar to FITA, a show I visited a couple of weeks back.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from CATM including the pictures of several dignitaries I planned to, but did not interview including: The President of El Salvador, several ministers of tourism throughout Central America, a number of Miss Teen Universe contestants, and Miss Guatemala 2009 — I did catch her briefly on the dance floor at the event announcing Guatemala as the new locale for CATM 2010.

And now for my brief plans for the week in the business of travel blogging. As I am leaving on Wednesday, I have little precious time to take some of the action I want to make, so it will be a light week, sort of…


For the next three days, I hope to do nothing but, other than packing. I have some writing to do for ITKT, TWL, the Huffington Post and Technorati. Hopefully, eight articles in all. Most of these have notes and rough drafts, but all need to be read and reviewed.


ITKT is still behind when reviewing submissions, but I am hoping I can catch up to within three weeks — nebulous and elusive goal.


First plan is to travel Guatemala before the three days that is dedicated to a ballroom filled with tourism companies and organization all wanting to promoted someplace in Central America. I will be telling you about it over the next ten days. And then on to Honduras for my second visit in in two years.

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