Happy 4th of July to all on this Sunday. I plan on barbecue, pool, screaming kids, fireworks, and more screaming kids. I cannot think of anything more patriotic than that right now.

I got a lot done this week, but not everything on my list. I did finish an article, two videos about Mexico’s safety and interviews with two public relations leaders for my “Blogging Nuts and Bolts” series, a guide to helping writers and bloggers break into the industry he or she is writing about — think perks and insider information direct from the decision-making industry leaders. The interviews went surprisingly well and I want to thank Jody of Diamond PR and Al of Myriad Marketing for their participation.

I also finally made the theme switch on my often neglected In The Know Traveler USA. Now I have no excuse for not doing exactly what I have always planned for travelers in the U.S. There are still a few changes that need to be made, but not enough to keep the new look under wraps any longer.

And now for the week ahead…


I am working on a new mid-week article about submitting and querying editors and the latest installment of Books to Live by. Plus it is time to start actually writing my “BN&B” series. The concept of an ebook (or any book for that matter) just feels overwhelming, but after one too many requests from budding travel writers, it is time to take the necessary plunge.


Travel. Write. Live. will likely get a face lift in the next week. I know that TWL has only been in existence for a few short months, but there is something calling me to make some cosmetic changes. I am also having a tech issue/catch 22 with my “comments” section. All reader comments are here, but not appearing. The new theme will fix this, and another good reason for change.


With two new video interviews launched this week, I will begin compiling and taking notes with the video interviews I have done for my “Blogging Nuts and Bolts” series. I have several hours of footage that needs to be watched and edited — yes, necessary plunge.


A change in itinerary is on the horizon, swapping Southeast Asia for the Caribbean. Still waiting for confirmation on both.

And may everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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