Travel Write Live relaunchesTravel. Write. Live. Relaunches!

So I blew it. I wanted to develop Travel. Write. Live where I could talk about travel and writing that fell outside of a traditional travel article, something that explored the art of writing and included thoughts about how travel and writing pertained to life, but I blew it.

It was not that I ran out of creativity or topics. Instead, I started worrying about social media and keeping up with the googles. I found myself rushing to get articles done before they were fully fleshed out, because other bloggers were spitting out new content at alarming rates. I found myself spending more time partnering with legions of people trying to keep up with the googles, most of whom ran sites I only felt so-so about, and I strived to be more like them. I worried about competing with large corporations and SEO masters so my little site might be found by the masses, as if I were selling get rich quick schemes or miracle floor-wax. I also became less willing to point out how some of these corporations and organizations are ruining travel, so I might play “the game” with them. Travel. Write. Live. became more like a banal video game than a useful site, or, at least, a site I could be proud of writing. It all became a huge mistake on my part.

Once I figured out the mistake. I stopped maintaining Travel. Write. Live. I needed to step back and regroup, think about what I hoped to accomplish. I have done that. I have some clarity of vision. It has taken eight months to finally write this little article.

During this time I thought about what I wanted to do, how I wanted to rededicate myself to travel writings and life. The answers were easy.

  1. Never again publish a story that is not completely baked. This might mean fewer stories in the beginning.
  2. Let knowledgeable experts chime in and help us become better at traveling, writing, and even leading a better life.
  3. Promote travel, but not always. I love travel, but there are plenty of companies that make the process of doing it terrible. Expect to hear a rant about the TSA in the future.
  4. Criticize, when necessary.
  5. Because I intend to explore social issues as it relates to travel, writing and leading a better life, TWL will now become “the No BS Blog about life.”

I know, maybe it does not seem like much, and do not get me wrong; there are still a number of stories that I am proud of presenting on TWL. I just am not willing to publish duds to keep up with the googles. I will take a few more chances.

Welcome to the new thoughts on travel, writing and life on Travel Write Live.

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