In it’s brief existence, conventional blogging wisdom suggests that readers need to know exactly what a web site is at first glance (around 3 seconds) so readers know exactly what they can expect. Most experts argue bloggers find a specific and unique niche and only cater to that. I can’t agree with this idea for two reasons. One, it assumes that people are so lazy that they will not take a moment or two to look into a topic that interests them. I would suggest web visitors do know the general topic of a web site immediately and that the exact nature of the site is not the only reason people stay on a site. Personally, I do poke around if I get a good vibe or like the way a web site looks if I stumble upon it. There are tons of sites I visit and dozens I visit consistently. And two, it also greatly limits the scope of what a blog and burgeoning blog community can do.

Niche versus the Wider Scope

I have chosen to think big. I like the idea of including more than less, if it is possible. This may keep away people who won’t know exactly what the site is in an instant, which may not be a bad thing. I hope to attract those who take the extra step to see if something is worthwhile for them. I am looking to create a global community of like-minded people (and those who might be on the fence), which does take more time and effort to create and participate in. I am not looking to simply grab as many people as possible from a smaller niche. I think the folks who have gone this far by reading this much are closer to my real peeps more than many of the people in my neighborhood who I never interact with — it’s a shame really. Travel. Write. Live. is about finding common values toward a common goal of promoting travel, the importance of cultural diversity and the better life that comes from knowing the world around you. It is also for those who want to travel and write. These are huge topics and far from the ideal niche. And this, is not for everyone.

For those of you that like what I am doing, please consider touching base, leaving a comment or signing up for my newsletters and future writing. I hope to here from you soon.

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