I rarely think about upcoming milestones. I forget birthdays, birthday cards and holidays. I am not good at planning ahead. However, once I noticed that I had 92 posts under my belt, I tried to plan a few goal as Travel. Write Live. approached 100 posts.

I did not shoot for the stars, but I wanted to say thank you to the people who have been reading, commenting and, in general, showing an interest in travel and writing. So, thank you! Welcome to my 100th blog post. Here are the latest headlines in honor of 100.

In The Know Traveler Gets a Face Lift

Beyond the long overdue cosmetic upheaval and navigation redesign, I have added some functionality to those leaving comments and visitors looking for linkbacks to their own blogs by adding ComLuv, or CommentLuv. ComLuv is a system that allows visitors to leave a link to their personal blog posts within the comment section of any ITKT post. There is also an increasing community of sites using this service. I recommend using ComLuv any time you leave a comment. I have also added TwitterLink (also from ComLuv, which offers optional twitter contact information on all comments. I have found them both to be useful in developing an online community. It is my small way of giving back to In The know Traveler readers.

Honesty Till it Hurts

Because it is important that readers have an honest understanding about whose words they are reading, I wanted to offer a little more of myself on the Meet the Editor page. I have taken a small handful of thoughts that have started some compelling conversations and an occasional “frank exchange of ideas” (a quote from my friend Peter). I offer these ideas not as a reason to argue, but as a reason to be more honest about myself in a very public forum — these damn Internets. I want it all to just hang out. Yes, it is a gamble. I hope you won’t hold it against me and even consider challenging some of my ideas. There will be more “outrageous statements” on the way.

My New eBook

Because writers have been asking me about breaking in to the travel industry (and other industries) for years, I have decided to boil my successes down and mistakes to create a practical guide for getting the most from the travel world from the inside-out. I have reached out to my travel friends who are experts in their fields and who have agreed to help me give readers a step forward in the right direction at getting what you want from a travel writing hobby or career. Learn exactly what the travel industry is looking for from writers and know the rules of the system to help put your best foot forward. This information will come directly from decision makers for national tourism offices, media contacts specialists and public relations firms who work directly with the media. What are the mistakes writers make, and how can you avoid them.

While I have yet to come up with a name, I have been putting together interviews with some of the most experienced and important experts in the travel industry to offer you advice and give you a leg up on the travel writing competition.

And now to march forward into the next 100 posts with more travel philosophy, travel writing tips, and living the writers life. Thank you so much for being part of this trip with me.

Happy travels,

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