Hey all, I have started a series of articles for Technorati about how to be a travel writer. These articles will be more basic and introductory, but I still find them appropriate on Travel. Write. Live. for both beginners and experts alike. If readers have topic requests, feel free to let me know. –dg–

For me, the word “travel” conjures images of far away, unknown places. However, a good travel article does not have to be about the distant and the foreign.

If you, as a budding travel writer, have taken an international trip recently, great. You are ahead of the game and will likely have some good stories and photos to share. However, if you have not been far away lately, no worries.

As a travel writer, I know that there is always someone wanting or needing to visit my home. I have an opportunity to take my expertise about where I live and let a future traveler in on my best recommendations for food, frolic and fun (did I really just write the word “frolic?”). Sometimes, all it takes is a little exploring.

Personally, I prefer to explore on foot. When I am not in my car, I open myself up to the world a little better.

As an example, yesterday I was walking down the street to buy ingredients for the first-ever Indian meal I would be cooking myself. While I was intending to make my way to the major supermarket chain a few blocks down the road, I found myself in a small Indian food spice shop. Who knew? The woman behind the counter helped me find what I needed. Her help led to a conversation, which led to a discussion about Indian food, which led to a discussion about India, culture and travel.

While I may not write about the little market (even though I am right now), I may write about cuisine (the little market has a little Indian restaurant right next door), attractions, gift shops, or a variety of other stores that might be useful to travelers coming to visit my home.

For my introduction to this topic or more about travel writing visit my home page on Technorati.

For more help, feel free to get a jump on travel writing lingo.

Article first published as Step One to Travel Writing, Getting Started on Technorati.

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