with Adrian Todd Zuniga!

Writing Daily Episode 055 Adrian Todd Zuniga interview video

Today we are talking with Adrian Todd Zuniga to discuss writing, some writing tips on fortitude and Adrian Todd Zuniga is the host and creator of Literary Death Match (now featured in over 60 cities worldwide). He hosts LDM Book Report on YouTube, and is the co-writer of Madden NFL 18’s interactive movie Longshot (EA Sports), which earned a nomination for a Writers Guild of America award in 2018. An award-winning journalist, he now focuses on fiction and screenwriting. He lives between London and Los Angeles.

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Writing Daily Episode 055 Adrian Todd Zuniga interview audio

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With asides spanning the years from his pot-smoking, pill-popping teenage years to his later adult failures as an average American man, this…hoot of a memoir rings with themes that will appeal to many readers coming-of-age in the 1970s and ’80s. A candid and humorous tale.


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