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Writing Daily Episode 028 Writing Daily Letting It All Go video

Yesterday, I did it! I did the hardest thing there is to do as a writer. I turned in the final, final manuscript. What did I do to make this happen and what did I consider before signing off on it? As always we are here to write more and better with the help of a writer and editor. I will also describe from top to bottom what I am doing to promote my memoir, 10,000 Miles with my Dead Father’s Ashes. For more visit deving2.sg-host.com/dad.

Writing Daily Episode 028 Writing Daily: Letting It All Go! audio

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With asides spanning the years from his pot-smoking, pill-popping teenage years to his later adult failures as an average American man, this…hoot of a memoir rings with themes that will appeal to many readers coming-of-age in the 1970s and ’80s. A candid and humorous tale.


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